Stock Split Prediction

McDonalds Corporation develops, operates, franchises and services a worldwide system of restaurants that prepare, assemble, package and sell a limited menu of value- priced foods.

Stock Ticker Symbol: MCD

Company Name: McDonald's

Sector: Consumer Services

Industry: Restaurants

Predicted Announcement Months: J-A-J-O

Predicted Stock Split Price: $79.00

Predicted Stock Split Ratio: 2 for 1

Montly Gains After Stock Split: 4.9%

Prior Stock Split Announcements: 9

Stock Split History: 14-Jun-71 [3:2], 6-Jun-72 [2:1], 7-Oct-82 [3:2], 25-Sep-84 [3:2], 26-Jun-86 [3:2], 23-Jun-87 [3:2], 19-Jun-89 [2:1], 27-Jun-94 [2:1], 8-Mar-99 [2:1]

Last Updated: December 27th, 2014

Stock Split Prediction