Stock Split Prediction

Chevron Corp provides administrative, financial, management and technology support to U.S. & international subsidiaries that engage in fully integrated petroleum operations, chemicals operations, mining operations and power and energy services.

Stock Ticker Symbol: CVX

Company Name: Chevron

Sector: Energy

Industry: Integrated Oil Companies

Predicted Announcement Months: J-A-J-O

Predicted Stock Split Price: $77.00

Predicted Stock Split Ratio: 2 for 1

Montly Gains After Stock Split: 4.8%

Prior Stock Split Announcements: 4

Stock Split History: 11-Dec-73 [2:1], 11-Mar-81 [2:1], 13-Jun-94 [2:1], 13-Sep-04 [2:1]

Last Updated: December 27th, 2014

Stock Split Prediction